Farming has changed drastically over the years and the systems used for farming are becoming more and more complex. TAM systems is constantly adapting to the new technology and methods by designing new systems and updating existing systems. Grain and feed systems are a crucial part of customer operations and that’s why we have a team of in-house engineers who have the expertise to ensure we design the best system for your situation. We’ve been building these systems for 35 years and continue to stay on the leading edge providing quality systems for today’s complex environment.

Grain Bins

We know that your grain storage bins are vital to the efficiency and success of your operations. That’s why we choose suppliers that are widely recognized as the leaders in reliable on-farm storage. TAM offers you the best in the business for products and services, and we work with you to create the perfect size, shape and build to best fit your needs.

Feed Bin Systems

TAM Systems works with suppliers to bring you feed bin systems that are innovative and efficient. The feed bins we offer have important features that can’t be found in competitors’ bins, making them easy to use and giving you the ability to maximize storage capacity for your feed. TAM offers many different makes, models and features, without compromising quality.

Grain Bin Floors

We offer a wide variety of grain bin floors including the innovative aeration floor system. We only design and install grain bin floors that are strong, dependable and perfect for your operations.

Commercial Bin Sweeps

TAM Systems offers several different commercial sweep options from Sudenga and Brock. All sweeps come with a control system for zero-bin entry. These sweeps can be fully submersed in grain until they are needed to complete the unloading process. We’ll help you find the sweep to best fit your job!

Grain Processing

Grain is processed and blended with other ingredients to make animal feed, used for industrial purposes, and is used for all types of edible food. TAM provides complete design and installation services for all types of processing, including hammer-mills, pellet-mills, mixers, blenders, roller mills, and micro-ingredient systems. We custom design anything from small farm systems to the largest commercial grain and feed processing facility.

Commercial Conveyors

TAM systems designs balanced conveyor systems that minimize harmonic vibrations, ensuring a smooth operation. Our commitment to quality products ensures these conveyor systems will be long-lasting conveyor. We also offer a wide range of pulley systems, with some systems that can move nearly 58,000 bushels per hour!

Catwalks and Towers

Navigating intricate systems can be confusing and dangerous. TAM creates catwalks and tower systems that can be configured in many different ways to make navigating your structures safe and easy. Our towers and catwalks are sturdy, reliable and convenient for your most complex or simple systems.

On-farm Sweeps

We want our clients to have all the tools in place to run a successful farm and with Brock’s HARVEST-TIME Unloading System, you can choose the components that best suit your needs!

TAM provides grain spreaders that evenly distribute grain while the bin is filled, for optimum drying and uniform aeration. These spreaders are low-maintenance, but have the capacity for up to 6,000 bushels an hour. Our spreaders can be adjusted to match the grain throw distance, so they’re perfect for almost any job and almost any bin diameter.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are vital for an efficient process. Used every day, they are a main component for loading and unloading grain with less damage and, therefore, need to be sturdy and efficient. Because these systems are an everyday tool and need to be able to handle the tough jobs they’re made for, we design these systems for just that type of use and take pride in creating a reliable product.

Commercial Grain Dryers

The grain dryers TAM Systems provides focuses on top-quality, energy-efficient grain conditioning. This grain dryer provides some of the best qualities of our supplier’s MEYER ENERGY MISER™ Tower Grain Dryer, while also adding some new features. The systems we offer have drying capacities ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 bushels.


Fans and Heaters

Grain conditioning periods are critical, which is why we offer several different designs of fans and a series of heaters for in-bin grain drying. These fans and heaters are vital to the process and the design does matter! We provide fans and heaters that work hard to condition your grain with options that fit your needs!